AR Traffic Consultants, Inc. has been in business some forty years and has used a number of architectural firms to plan our general offices as well as my personal one throughout the years.

Our latest premises was planned and executed from inception from raw warehouse space to its present state of design by Steven - the layout of the office pool spaces, the computer area, the conference area, the private offices and my personal space. This has included all office furniture, wall decorations, furnishings for my personal office - which includes a coffee table designed by Steven himself, extremely sculptural and beautiful, and which reflects my personal interest in sailing. The result has been so far beyond any of my previous spaces in practicality and attractiveness that I can't compare them.

The use of space has been both thoughtful and comfortable - and when my needs changed for the use of the space, the design was flexible enough to re-allocate space without major cost.

So attractive has the results been, that my offices became the model for the building owners to show off to prospective renters to show how empty space cen be made the ultimate in attractiveness.


Arnold O. Riback
AR Traffic Consultants, Inc.


Steven M, Keller, AIA
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